Saturday, 19 February 2011

Liu Bolin, the chameleon man

He is a Chinese artist known as an 'invisible man'.

Here's one of his work that represents himself really well.

Could you find him?
It is not just a photo of a building.
If you look really carefully, you can find him almost disappeared in the surrounding.
He has an incredible talent to camouflage himself by painting his body!

His works are awesome!
My final major project is about 'deception'.
I think his camouflage work could be a kind of deception.
I wish I had such a talent to paint, so I can try this illusion for my FMP...

I'm not sure if these are his works as well but I put them here too.

I found these images while I was researching on my FMP.
These images were used for a campaign of UNICEF China, that China has over 1.5 million underprivileged children.
The message written in Chinese says "Don't ignore me".
The style of the work and the message really work well together.
The idea of merged into background helps me carrying on FMP.

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