Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fact Project Part3

This project was a kind of second one of the previous project, the fact project.
Again, the aim for this project was to express a snappy fact given randomly.
I got a fact that 'bubble gum contains rubber.'

It was one week project and I had to do some portfolio staff, so the result had to be a simple one.
When I got my fact, I immediately came up with several simple ideas. Then I did some research about both bubble gum and rubber and made some collages to figure out my ideas. I was thinking to present my final work by collage, but after I made some samples, I thought it is better to present it by taking photographs of the actual objects. So I got a few kinds of chewing gums and a rubber and cut the rubber to fit exactly to the size of the gums.
I made two patterns for my finals.
I tried to be simple.

This is the other one.
Sequence photos

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