Monday, 7 February 2011

Fact Project Part2

Through researching on the fact that chickens are closest living relatives to T-Rex,
I made so many experimentation works in my sketchbook.
One of them revealed that they have very similar skeleton to each other.
Then I got the final idea to make T-Rex skeleton from chicken bones.
It  took me whole 3 days to finish, and it actually worked out really well.

This is my chickensaurus!!

Made from only chicken bones, wire, and a bit of masking tape.

~How to make chickensaurus~
Day 1. Cook whole 2 chickens and eat well!! 
Take off all the meat from bones.
Day 2. Clean all the bones neatly by brush. (took me ages)
Soak bones in watered bleach for an hour and dry them completely.
Day 3. Make a base and select bones for each body parts.
Connect each bones by wires and glue. Better to look at actual T-rex skeleton.
Keep on going.
Make a head base by wire and attach bones.
Cover holes by masking tape. Put pieces of tiny bones as teeth.

The problem I got for this final piece was that the fact could not be clearly understood by just looking at it. There were some good suggestions to the problem in the crit such as add some feathers, beak, or comb to the skeleton. I would like to solve this problem afterwards.
Honestly it was a hard project for me at the first time because I had to direct myself through the goal. But finally, I think it was a really good challenge for me to explore my own way of working and achieving the aim. I also realised the importance of research by this project and how I can go through it. I want to make use of these experiments for the next stage.

What's more.
I also made some additional work for this project.
DVD package imitating 'Jurassic Park', called 'Jurassic Beak'!

Just for fun:)

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