Monday, 14 November 2011

Parasol Unit

Fifth Night

Last Sunday, I went to Parasol Unit near Angel station. Current exhibition held there was Yang Fudong's short film installations called 'One half of August' presents his three new works.

It was first time for me to see his work. All of his films have no lines but only sound and they were also filmed in black and white. For Fifth Night, I think his way of projecting few synchronized films together is very unique that lets the viewers decide which one to see. And it also lets them more focus on an actor or actress's action and think about what is happening in the film. Actually there was nothing happen in the film even the actors didn't seem to be interested in one another and it had no clear beginning or end. Everything was left to the viewers. I think it was hard to understand what the artist tried to do in this installation at first sight if the description I got at the entrance didn't help me. But I quite like how he use the gallery space to show his work, such as Fifth Night had seven films projected straightly on a long wall or One half of August had eight films projected randomly on walls of a square room.
It was a pity that I couldn't go into the gallery next to Parasol Unit which is closed on every Sunday. Besides that, I enjoyed the gallery space and would like to come back for next exhibition.

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