Thursday, 10 November 2011

Letter Press

As a workshop for GDC student, I went to Old Street to do letter press last week.
We were given quotes from novels and making them to be ready to print was the day's aim. In the studio, the smell of ink and old letter press machine made me feel exciting. It was very stimulating to touch little wood letter pieces and place them into a flame tightly. I had a knowledge of how to do letter press before but it was different when I actually did it. Thinking about composition of the letters and filling spaces with tiny steel blocks was extremely hard.

my final print

It took a whole day to finish my line even if it was that simple. Above all, I really enjoyed playing with different types and making my hands dirty. Also it was a good way of understanding layout of letters in analogue way. I wish I could come to the studio again to do some work for my course.

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