Wednesday, 8 December 2010

List List List!!

This was the next project I got in Vis Com.
From several subjects of what the list is about, I chose '10 Places to Hide' and '10 things that should not exist(but do)' to work on.

Through researches and some experiments, this one became my final piece.

I'm hiding behind the 10 letters.

They are popping up letters and you can see me hiding only when you turn the light on.
I got this idea from my drawing in my sketchbook and my previous project from Vis Com.
I did some different versions as well, but I thought this one works the best.

Also I did one more final piece which was a list of 10 things that shouldn't exist.
In this case, my list was about some kinds of insects.

Some of you know, this looks like an eye chart.
In the use of the eye chart, as it went down, it became hard to recognise the bottom if you have bad eyes. So I tried to make a link between the feature of the eye chart and my wish for the insects.

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