Monday, 13 December 2010

Bookart Bookshop

On the weekend, I went to Bookart Bookshop for the second time.

17 Pitfield St, London, N1 6HB

In the shop, I found my favourite.
The author of the book is Paul Johnson.

It was a popping up book.

His book reminds me of Robert Sabuda.
"Alice in Wonderland"
I have collected more than 10 series of his books including this one!!
I love his creative ideas!

Actually I wanted Paul Johnson's book(the red one I put the photos up), and I asked for the price.
Guess how much it was............

It was £150!!!!!!!!

So I gave up to buy the book, but I bought a different one of his.

"Garden of the Mind"

Tiny popping up book!!!!
It is about 5cm tall and not as expensive as the red one.
I was so happy to have his book.

There were more interesting books in the shop and I've learnt some ideas from each of them.
I think it was a great research for my next project, 'three extraordinary books.'

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