Tuesday, 7 December 2010

3D to Vis Com

After the first project finished in 3D, I changed my area into Visual Communication. The reason for this big decision was because I felt it is more interesting in Vis Com than 3D. During the reading week, I got both projects from 3D and Vis Com and did them.
The first project for Vis Com was called '30 Things to Do.' As it is shown in the title, it was a project doing 30 different things such as "write your name in water," "draw every chair you sit on today," "Before/After," and so on. I really enjoyed doing this project because it was so much fun to think about the ideas for each things listed in the brief.

    'Write your name in water'

    'Dress as someone else' (It's me!)
    'Go into public space and leave a message'
    'Carrots make your hair curl'

Actually, I couldn't do the second part of this project which I had to develop one of the work I did into a finished piece that I can put straight into my portfolio. But I would do it when I got enough time(maybe during tutorial week...).

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