Wednesday, 5 October 2011

V&A London Design Festival

After I saw 100% design festival, I moved to V&A museum to see some exhibitions written in a booklet of London Design Festival I got at the show.

Huge timber wave structure by AL_A.
It perfectly fits to the arch of the entrance.

Giant gorilla made of wire hangers.
This exhibition features various kinds of things created by skilled people from amateurs to pros.
I like the paper cut christmas letter, which looks like connected fine paper cut of address at first sight,
but when you open it, it makes a perfect shape of a snow flake.

Raphael's hall was full of people lying on nice textile.
It was a rare opportunity to see the great art works feeling like lying on a sofa at home.

There was a display of bookbinding.

The thing I really interested in was these maps.
These are museum guides created by different artists showing their recommended places in the museum.
The shape, reminds me scarves wore by old victorian people, really fits to V&A 
and it also attracts people to have it by showing fragments of pictures inside.

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