Saturday, 15 October 2011

Moments in Time

Today I went to see Dominic Wilcox's watch sculptures at Dezeen Space in Shoreditch.

It was really hard to find the place and the showspace was quite small, yet the watches were worth seeing.

Hide 'n' Seek
“A pig tailed girl hides behind a tree from a searching boy.”

Adventures of a young vegetarian
“A small girl attempts to stop a butcher chopping up a pig by hanging on his arm while the pig floats away.”

Sitting Man

Watch Sweeper
“The numbers and hands of a watch are swept away by a watch sweeper.”

The unrequited handshake
The outstretched hand of friendship is continually rejected.”

The idea to put people on each minute hand and second hand was absolutely wonderful. As the vintage watches are working, the people on each hands keep moving, sometime coming closer and sometime farther. Wilcox's work reminds me this proper thing that "time is continuous moments". In the glass domes above watches, there are different worlds of people inside and they are living in their own moments of time. I love the artist because he always uses everyday objects but represents them in unexpected way.  I also like his charming sense of naming each watches. Wilcox's magic to change watches into tiny worlds was really enjoyable!! 

Well, because I'm a big fan of Dominic Wilcox, I asked for price of the watch(it wasn't shown in the space), and it was.......more than £600!!!! I shed tears on the way home....... (joking!)

Descriptions of watches were from:
Moments in Time: Watch Sculptures by Dominic Wilcox

Dezeen Space
54 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3QN

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