Thursday, 3 March 2011


Today I went to National Gallery because I remember that there was a illusion box using same idea as 'specific view point' and some tricky paintings there.

'A peepshow with views of the interior of a Dutch house'

This painted box done by Samuel van Hoogstraten was made in 17th century. There are two peepholes on each side of the box and the view from the holes gives an illusion of a three dimensional image of interiors in the painted room inside.
Using box to give people specific view...humm

This is other really famous painted illusion using the same idea.
Holbein, 'Double portrait of Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve'
In the bottom of the painting, there is a skewed skull almost impossible to recognize it is it. But you see it from nearly side(right side, when you face it) of the painting, you can see accurate shape of human skull.

A problem is I have no skill to realize these kinds of illusion. It could be possible of I use photoshop, but I don't really want to depend on technology...

Anyway, there was one more purpose to come here, to see Turner's paintings.
I love paintings of Turner because of its use of colour and subjects in paintings, sky and sea.
They just make me feel relaxed deeply. I used to go to National Gallery just to look at them.
They made me relaxed as always for these busy days.

Finally I got offers from all 4 colleges I applied to, surprisingly.
I got into Chelsea, Camberwell, LCC, and Kingston.
In my mind, a present order is this: Chelsea > Kingston > LCC > Camberwell.
Chelsea, I like the atmosphere here. The only problem is that they don't have print press.
And this is for all the UAL colleges, I feel like they just let me in because I'm international.
I'm not really sure if they liked my works and thought they want me in.
This is the reason why I put Kingston for the second place.
Well, the dead line is 5th of May. I still have time to think about my final choice.

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