Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Antony Gormley, "One and Other"

In today's English class, I studied about "The 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square."
The space on the plinth was empty for long periods but now it is a location for contemporary art works of leading London artists.

In 2009, Antony Gormley, a sculptor, took a place for the show on the plinth.
At that time I visited London for the second time by chance, and had taken photos of the show.

A man reading a book is just sitting on the plinth.

It was called "One and Other." Gormley's proposal for the show was that the plinth was occupied 24 hours a day by the general public who volunteer to stand on it for one hour. The show lasted 12 months, had 8,000 people stood on the plinth. When I saw it, the person on the plinth was doing nothing, but basically people who stand on the plinth could do anything they want, so some had speech to the audience and the other dressed fancy dress. He said it was about "diversity, vulnerability and the individual in modern society" because of the place, Trafalgar Square's military history and statues which honour specific war heroes.

Because I'm now working on FMP, I got it little bit differently.
The idea of placing real-life people instead of statues is reversing of general idea.
What I meant general is that people make statues of people, so normally people came first then statues were made after that. But in this case, Statues came first and then people were placed after that.
I think it is related to the idea of Alexa Meada that making real-life people into painting instead of making realistic painting, reversing idea.

Well, even if he didn't think in that way(probably not), today's study gave me an idea of doing reversing, doing something opposite makes it more interesting.

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