Saturday, 16 October 2010

EXPOSED ----The past exhibition at TATE Modern

    It was long time ago since I went to this exhibition to Tate's not even this month...whatever....
   To be honest, I couldn't enjoy this exhibition for some reasons. First, I didn't have enough time to see everything. I entred an hour before closing, but it wasn't enough. Second, I don't really like paparazzi stuff because for me, as a person, I don't want my private life to be revealed to public, so I think that's terrible thing to expose someone's privacy to the others even if it's famous people. And third, there were some photos which I was really shocked....the death of people. I have not used to see people's death in my life since I was born in Japan. As general, I think Japan is the remotest country from war or other fighting stuff that leads to lose of life. So I haven't seen people dead following a violent experience. It was really hard for me to look at the photos in the exhibition especially in the room of the death.
   However I didn't really like the exhibition, there were some things attractive for me such as the hidden camera in heel of man's shoes or walking stick. And also the photos took by the hidden cameras were really good. They caught the scene of people's REAL life without noticed by them that they were taken by camera, so they are so natural and interesting(even if it's not the real purpose for the hidden cameras...they might for scandalous paparazzi stuff...).
   Taking photos of people by camera is so interesting and it is one thing that I like to do, but I thing it's depends on the purpose. Photos make people look in many different ways. If you take photos of people because you want to know them more and find their new good aspect, they are good photos. But if you take photos of people because you  want to know and reveal their lives curiously, they are not good photos.

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