Friday, 14 January 2011

Book Project -3D book-Part2

The other book I made and sold the copies at school was 'a book of  very little.'
Because the first book was so complicated and it made me use all the energy I had,
I wanted to make something very simple.
So as the title of the book says, I started to think about ideas of  very small book.
When I thought about what to put in the book, same as the first one, I wanted to put something very clear to understand visually even if the reader is a child. Then I remember there was a life size book in my old collections of childbooks that simply shows every pictures of daily objects in life size. So I thought if I could do it in my tiny book, that would be interesting.

For book sale, I developed it a little bit based on feedbacks from other students.
Because it is very tiny, I can carry it around. 
How to carry it?
 Let's put it on a finger like an accessory.

I made 5 copies for the book sale, and fortunately they were all sold out!!:)

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